About Us

The Vision of Giriraj Corporation is to best use technical knowledge in developing innovative products in co-ordination with Architects and Clients.

The vision is to develop a highly sustainable and independent Aluminum Fabrication Company.

From 1983 to today, Giriraj Corporation continues to be involved in fabrication and installation of a diverse range of Architectural products. Giriraj Corporation has done projects in all over India and Abroad.

Experience of more than 30 years has helped Giriraj Corporation to develop technical competency and domain knowledge of such a level that company hasdeveloped huge product portfolio which now also includes automated structural productsalong with all the Architectural products like Windows, Doors, Glazing, Curtain Wall, Louvers, ACP, Partition, Modular furniture etc.

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Giriraj Corporation Company Philosophy


“Innovation, Flexibility, Transparency and integrity”

Giriraj Corporation believes that each client wants to see his building unique.

That is possible only if company directs its efforts into rigorous research and development for innovative products.

Each product has to be unique, safe and without maintenance.But when we have to develop such products with “reasonable cost”, it becomes highly complex task.

Giriraj Corporation takes up such tasks with highest spirit and makes it successful, which has helped company to develop many innovative products and it has also raised technical competency bar.

As one of the leading AluminiumFabricationCompany, it is Giriraj Corporation’s duty to execute the project as per Architect’s vision.

Giriraj Corporation believes that Architects with great vision and understanding, develops innovative design for the building so it is very important that after completion of the project, Architect must get satisfaction of seeing his vision into existence. For this reason, highest level of flexibility needs to be provided to Architects so if there is any change required while any phase of execution of the project, we gladly work with architects to incorporate any changes if required with minimum cost and minimum time possible.

It is very important that a company should develop trustworthy relationship with clients, suppliers and employees.Sharing information transparently and maintaining integrity with all the entities are two main utmost important factors to develop healthy and trustworthy relationship. This is the reason why Giriraj Corporation shares detail of raw material that is used in the project and alsoclient is asked to take different tests for their surety and satisfaction of the quality.